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Booty Bands / 12" Booty Building Bands Deluxe Full SEet Of 5

12" Booty Building Bands Deluxe Full SEet Of 5

Art No#: RS-3012

Lift, Shape and Raise your booty with these amazing bands. Resistance level is from 15 -80 Lbs of resistance.

Made 3x thicker so they will not roll or slide on your thighs 👍👍🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

Yellow 15lbs

red 30lbs

Orange 45lbs

Purple 60lbs

Blue 80lbs

Set of 5 extra strong booty bands. Our booty bands are made extra thick so they wont roll slip or break. Perfect for glute exercises. The smaller bands are more designed to go around your lower legs while the thicker bands go around your thighs. Perfect for preforming kickbacks, monster walks, glute bridges and even add them to your favorite cardio exercise.

These are the Best workout gym bands on the mark

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